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Eden has obtained a Masters degree in Art Therapy from the Art Institute of Chicago and a Masters degree in Fine Art from Columbia College.  Her style has an interesting background.  Working as an Art Therapist she came into contact with a patient who drew repetitive drawings of persons and places but always in a distorted and quite crude fashion.  In order to connect with this patient and empathize with him, she decided to try and draw like him.  Eden found that in making these images she could identify better with him.  Over time she has changed the style and the meaning of her images and now they tend to represent more about peoples lives, political events, socialization, feelings and emotions.  Eden’s style has been called “whimsical”, “child-like”, and in some cases, “disturbing”.  We like to call it Whimsical With a Twist.

In addition to her pulp paintings, Eden has added her experiences from obtaining a Masters of Fine Art into doing other art projects.  She has created installations, mixed-media projects and been involved in the creation and donation of several pieces to local charities.

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